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The Music station - Piano Le​ssons in Loveland, OH

(513) 638-1966

We keep the kids busy

We offer plenty of performance opportunities for students


August: Duet Performance Classes

September Autumn In The Chapel Performance

October: Classical Composer  Performance Classes

Fall Evaluation

Autumn In The Chapel Performance

December: Christmas Recitals 

Christmas In The Chapel Performance

January:  Awards Preparation

Technic and Theory Emphasis


February: Valentine Parties Performance Class 

Winter In The Chapel Performance

March: Annual Spring Recital

Spring Evaluation

April: Spring In The Chapel Performance

May:  Spring In The Chapel Performance          

June: Summer In The Chapel Performance

July:  Summer In The Chapel Performance

Piano Repertoire Planning

Regular Piano Lessons held wekly year round

Students enjoy making music

at the performance classes

we give throughout the

musical calendar year.

Practice Incentives and Contests are offered throughout the year to encourage students to develop their musical gifts.

We encourage our students to develop their musical gifts of singing, signing with music,

performing for the elderly in nursing homes, band and in youth groups.

Students have the opportunity to share their musical gifts by participating in Performance Classes and Recitals.

Music Theory, Computer Music and our own Evaluation Progress Program helps to keep our students on task to reach goals. Prizes and awards are offered for progress achieved.

We enjoyed the performance of

the Baby Elephant Walk by Ethan

and AJ with props. They also

performed this at the Annual

Spring Recital as well as

several nursing homes during


The Musical Gift Award is given to students

who take their musical gift into their world

by performing piano at school, church,

weddings, nursing homes and other

opportunities they may have. We had

students .perform in nursing homes One

group even played for 50 people at a

a New Nursing home.

A group also performed at the Veterans

Home in Georgetown, Ohio.

We are proud of our Music By Me Composition Club. Several students are working on learning to create their own musical compositions. Two of our students have completed their very own sheet music with their own artwork as the cover.

Creating music and sharing our musical gifts through performance enhances our musical development and adds to the deep pleasure that learning to play piano brings to our lives and also the lives of others. Sharing our love of music is pure soul enrichment. Piano Is Fun.