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The Music station - Piano Le​ssons in Loveland, OH

(513) 638-1966

Kathleen has been teaching the piano since 1982 and has been a student of piano since age 7. She began teaching piano while at the University of Cincinnati. She has even taught some of her students’ children and some former students even have their own studios. Kathleen has served as a pianist for two orchestras and was in the UC (University of Cincinnati) Marching Band. She has also accompanied instrumental and vocal solos and has been a church organist and pianist.

Kathleen has a certificate in Piano Pedagogy (Cincinnati Bible College) and Preschool Music Classes and is the author of The Music Train, a preschool music curriculum for children ages 3-6. The curriculum has been used in music studios and preschools in the greater Cincinnati area and elsewhere.

Kathryn has been teaching piano since 1994 and has been a student of piano since age 10. She has participated in many performance opportunities including recitals, ensemble combinations, orchestra, weddings, Ohio Music Educators Association and the Junior Music Experience. Kathryn has passed on her love of teaching and music to her students who she often has their entire piano education experience for as long as ten years.

Kathryn has been an elementary school teacher for over ten years earning awards in her field of teaching. She continues her education beyond her Masters Degree.

There are 16 students between Kathleen and Kathryn. Together they develop basic keyboard skills and offer several performance classes throughout the year with the opportunity to earn awards, including trophies. "We have always wanted to motivate students and make learning the piano fun."  

  • Computer Music
  • Ensemble, duet and duo groups
  • Group lessons with video techniques

  • Keyboard skills
  • Music theory 

  • Performance classes
  • Themed recitals

Other educational attainments include:

  • Certificate in Music and Me preschool education
  • Local educator seminars in preschool education and teacher assistant training
  • Kindermusik
  • Location Manager of Junior Music Experience for 25 years
  • Northern Kentucky University Piano Pedagogy Certificate Program
  • Masters degree in Education (UC)
  • Teacher of the Year at Merwin Elementary School

The Music Station was chosen by Expertise in top 14 out of 85 Cincinnati piano teachers.

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We offer weekly private piano lessons in 30, 45 or 60-minute formats.


  • Piano Professional Network
  • Piano Teachers Organization

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