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The Music station - Piano Le​ssons in Loveland, OH

(513) 638-1966

A fun and nurturing learning environment

Students learn best when they’re not stressed. That’s why you should trust The Music Station to teach your student piano. Kathleen Rieger and business partner Katie Dean want to make learning the piano fun…the way it should be.

The Music Station offers piano lessons to students in Loveland, Milford, Maineville and Goshen, Ohio. All lessons are taught in a caring, nurturing environment where students are affirmed and valued in a responsible and personal relationship. Incentives and motivational techniques are creatively presented regularly to encourage an active response through more thorough practice and progress.

We’ve been teaching for years

Years and years. I, Kathleen, have been teaching for 40 years while Katie has been with me for the last 30 years. Learn more about us here.

We hold our recitals together and enjoy making the lessons an adventure with our monthly-themed events, including:

  • Annual awards and trophy presentations (at the spring recital)
  • Holiday and seasonal parties
  • Student Evaluations Spring and Fall
  • Performance Classes held at The Music Station
  • Duets, Trios and Group Lessons


Duet Performance Classes


Autumn In The Chapel Performance


Autumn In The Chapel Performance

Classical Composer Performance Classes

Fall Evaluations


Christmas In The Chapel Performance

Christmas Recitals


Winter In The Chapel Performance

Technic and Theory Emphasis


Winter In The Chapel Performance

Valentine Performance Classes

Spring Evaluations


Annual Spring Recital and Awards Presentation


Spring In The Chapel Performance


Spring In The Chapel Performance


Regular Piano Lessons


Summer In The Chapel Performance

Piano Repertoire Planning

2022 Performance Emphasis

More Duets

More Chapel Performances

Piano is Fun

Spring Recital Awards Presentation

Duets and Trios are enjoyed by our students.

Fall 2021 Students began performing hymns in the chapel at the hospital.  

Halloween Performance Class  

October 2021

Duets are always a wonderful addition to a performance.

Students were unable to perform their Christmas Recital in the Lodge or Magnolia Springs because of Covid this year but at least we could be in person.  Katie planned fun games with prizes, the students played Christmas pieces for each other and we all enjoyed the Christmas punch and cookies together.  We had two beautiful evenings together.

The Music Station Christmas Recital

Magnolia Springs


The Music Station Christmas Recital

Lodge Retirement

Center 2019

Virtual Back To School Piano Performance Class 092220